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Here we will be building a resource for individuals and families to find information about the “wonderful” world of head lice, and beyond.

Let’s start with a little something about us:

Lizzie’s Lice Pickers was founded by the owner in the summer of 2015 after she had spent several years in the industry and decided it was time to strike out on her own, where she could refine and perfect her methods as well as reach an area which previously had no such facilities. Our inviting, kid friendly shop is located near Old Town Orange at 648 North Tustin Street, Suite G. Our treatments include the use of specialized “nit combs” to remove eggs from hair, followed by a visual inspection and manual removal of any remaining visible eggs, and finished by the application of a natural, hypo-allergenic enzyme based spray which kills the lice and loosens the glue which binds any possible remaining eggs to the hair. After this is completed, we also provide a follow-up schedule and comprehensive home care list to ensure that your infestation is completely removed from the home. Our goal is to be with you through the entire process and ensure that you and your family are rid of this nuisance the right way, the first time!


As we continue to expand our blog, we welcome any questions or topic suggestions you would like to see covered, so please feel free to leave a comment and help us help you!

Find us online at https://www.lizzieslicepickers.com/