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Lice Removal Service

What We Do

Nit-pickin and head lice removal is exactly what we do. We do the tedious job of combing and picking out nits and lice with our non-toxic enzyme based lice treatment. Backed by our guarantee, you know we are with you throughout the process. We screen heads to find lice, educate, and treat. We are available to service schools in checking for lice. We help educate schools and parents about lice transmission and their life cycle. We service families from the comfort of your home with our in home services, or from our professional lice treatment salon conveniently located in Orange, Ca., close to the 5, 91, 55, 22, and 57 freeways

About Lizzie’s Lice Pickers

Lizzie’s Lice Pickers is a professional lice removal service. We specialize in the identification and removal of head lice on children and adults usingnon-toxic, natural, multi-enzyme-based, and hypoallergenic product.Our goal is to help the community in understanding head lice and to assist in safe, fast removal and prevention. An experienced Lizzie’s Lice technician will check/treat everyone in the household, go over with you what should be done in the home, and answer all your questions.We can treat you at our O.C. lice removal center, or we can come to you with our in home lice removal services.

The Lice Cycle

About the Owner

I started in this business when we found out my daughter had lice in the summer 2013. We went to a hair salon for a special occasion to get my daughter’s hair styled like a princess, only to be informed my daughter had bugs in her hair.After trying pesticide based treatments and failing, we ended up at a professional lice treatment salon.I had them head check me since my head was now itchy, and they also found those awful bugs in my own hair! Realizing I could do this and help out other people in my situation brought me great joy. I started working for that company shortly after finding lice on my daughter and myself at a lice removal company. I have now started my own lice treatment center to help people in that same situation.

Lice Removal Process

Our Lice technicians have been thoroughly trained on how to identify and properly treat for head lice. We start our process by determining if you have head lice, thankfully not everyone that thinks they have lice do. Once determined if you have lice, we explain the options, you can choose to treat with our professional lice removal services, or you can choose to buy the do it yourself kit for at home lice removal. If you have one of our highly trained tech’s treat we begin the tedious process of thoroughly combing out the eggs (nits). After we make sure we have combed and picked the eggs (nit) we then apply the enzyme treatment to kill any reaming live lice and comb once more.

Our techs are fingerprinted and background checks are done through the DOJ meeting school requirement

We only hire responsible, caring, kid-friendly, and honest associates

648 N Tustin St, Ste G
Orange, CA 92867

e: Lizzieslicepickers@gmail.com
p: (714) 602-6274

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