Lice Removal Process

Our Lice technicians have been thoroughly trained on how to identify and properly treat for head lice. We start our process by determining if you have head lice, thankfully not everyone that thinks they have lice do. Once determined if you have lice, we explain the options, you can choose to treat with our professional lice removal services, or you can choose to buy the do it yourself kit for at home lice removal. If you have one of our highly trained tech’s treat we begin the tedious process of thoroughly combing out the eggs (nits). After we make sure we have combed and picked the eggs (nit) we then apply the enzyme treatment to kill any reaming live lice and comb once more. While combing we explain how to take care of your home and what follow-up needs to be completed at home.

What are Lice?

Head Lice, also known as, Pediculosis Capitis have been around since the beginning of time.  Head lice are a human parasites that feed on our blood. Although head lice do not carry disease, infestations cause concern to parents as well as embarrassment, social stigma, and missed school days.  Typically, head lice infestation is most common among children, but is now being found among adults.

Why we have Super Lice?

Super Lice is based on the fact that the species has mutated and are becoming resistant to over–the-counter treatments used now days. There is a strand of head lice that are being referred to now as “Super Bugs”. Due to the improper over use of Pediculicides, it has raised concerns that it can be harmful to our health.

Based on the new research super lice are now able to survive pesticide based solutions including Rid and/or Nix. Many of the over-the-counter lice products contain neurotoxin pediculicides such as malathion or lindane. Due to the over-use of these pesticides has caused lice to build up a resistance to them. It is best to avoid the use of products containing pediculicides. However, if you choose to use an in home lice treatment, follow the directions exactly. Don’t leave the product on longer than instructed, or use it more frequently than allowed. It can put you at risk of health concerns caused by pesticide exposure.

Why we should use enzymes for lice removal?

Certain enzymes can act similar to a pesticide based treatment, but be 99.8% effective in removing head lice. A great benefit to this type of lice removal treatment is that Head Lice can never become resistant or grow immune and also, there are no pesticides that can cause harm to your health. The enzymes will breakdown the exoskeleton of the louse ultimately killing them within seconds and help loosen the glue that attaches the eggs (nits) on the hair shaft, making the lice removal process easier. It is very important to remove all viable eggs (nits), if one egg (nit) is left behind the whole cycle could start again. Nit removal can make determining the difference between an old infestation and a new infestation much easier.  If you are unsure on how to treat please visit us at our professional lice removal treatment center for further information.


Lizzie’s Lice Pickers professional lice service center that uses ABSOLUTE CLEAR® enzymes to kill lice and aid in the removal of eggs (nits).  ABSOLUTE CLEAR® is a natural occurring enzyme that has been combined with other non-chemical ingredients to aid in the lice treatment process. ABSOLUTE CLEAR® products are non-toxic, non-abrasive and hypoallergenic.

We are always willing to help, educate and answer any questions you might have.