April showers bring May flowers, but what does Spring Break bring?

As we enter into the spring season, many of us are focused on having some fun in the sun, and there’s definitely plenty of fun to be had! Warmer days mean beach trips, pool days, wandering through swap meets, maybe even catching a movie on the beach, a concert in the park, or a quick camping trip. Our beautiful county offers all of these so get out there and plan some memories!  Resources and availability are readily accessible through each city or area’s websites so take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery during your school break! That having been said, as always, we recommend protecting yourself first. Look up weather conditions, bring your sunscreen, a hat (one for each person – no sharing!) and appropriate clothing, so you can make the best of your outdoor outings! And always remember, public spaces breed public illness so don’t forget to put your hair up (braids and buns is what we love), extra hand sanitizer for the cooties, and maybe even a spritz of our enzymatic preventative treatment just to be on the safe side! Whatever you do, we hope you have a wonderful spring and get out and enjoy the beautiful world around you!